JJ Project Ȩ


ȳϼ, JYP θƮԴϴ.


2012 5 20, JYP θƮ , JJ Project!

JJ Project Ȩ µǾϴ.

ɰ Ź帳ϴ.

JJ Project ù° ̱ ٹ ŸƲ 'Bounce'
Rock, Hiphop, Electronica ս ŬԴϴ.
JJ Project ϴ 'Bounce' в High Energy մϴ:D


Dear JJ Project fans,

May 20th, 2012. Here comes the rookie from JYP Entertainment; JJ Project to shake the grounds!
JJ Project's official homepage is opened!

Hoping your a lot of attention^^


'Bounce', a title song for the first debut digital single album of JJ Project, is a club music that combined Rock, Hip-hop, and Electronica.
We are proud to deliver the High Energy to you with 'Bounce' presented by JJ Project :D

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